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RayLock formal register was established in 2016,but it has more than 6 years practical experience on hardware field,especially for locks.

RayLock selling locks included with cam lock (different type of keys,such as dimple key,normal single/double bitted key,computer key,waveform key,tubular key,rocket tube key and other top security key etc.),multipurpose drawer lock(D19*L22/32/38),padlock(mechanical or combination are available),industrial cabinet lock,pedestal lock,push lock,vending machine lock,rim lock,deadbolt lock,knob lock,hinge so forth and so on.

Application: gaming/vending machine,mailbox,cash box,gift box,home door,hotel door,CNC machine,self-service terminal,ATM,tool box,drawer,cupboard,towel/soap dispenser,charge gate,auto massage chair,luggage belt etc.

We believe that RayLock will be your loyal supporter on your success business.

Best wishes to OUR future!!!